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About Cahoots

For close to 40 years’ Cahoots has been delivering safe and engaging, experiential learning opportunities for vulnerable people facing exceptional challenges or living with a disability, to help them build essential life skills and resilience, to improve their well-being and increase the potential for their best life.

Over several years, Cahoots diverse services have helped over 2000+ vulnerable Western Australians who face exceptional challenges.

More than 470 young people enjoyed over 301 experiences to connect, learn essential life skills and grow in independence, this past year. 

Our team delivered more than 250 programs and 100+ camps for vulnerable Western Australians. 

We have provided over 417 days and 130 nights of respite to WA families, in FY 20 – 21 alone. 

Cahoots Family Sponsorship Fund

The Cahoots Family Sponsorship Fund (FSF) provides financial support to families who may be experiencing financial hardship, which potentially impacts on their ability to access essential services such as Cahoots. 

Caring for a young person with a disability or facing an exceptional challenge can place great strain on a family, relationships, and self-care.  Research has shown poorer physical and mental health for parents of children with a disability, particularly mothers.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for divorce rates to be higher, with families’ resources stretched thin and limited time to access additional resources. 

Creating respite opportunities for families and carers, whilst giving a young person the chance to experience more joy, can make a significant difference!

More than 360 scholarships awarded since inception, to young people who would otherwise not have had the chance to attend a life enhancing experience 

Up to $200,000 of scholarships annually, with demand for more opportunities mounting following the detrimental impacts an isolation of COVID 

Cahoots is committed to helping vulnerable communities and their families and as a NDIS registered service provider we provide support to families when seeking funding.  However,  some families do not have access to NDIS funding and those families are often at risk of falling through the cracks.  In previous years the Family Sponsorship Fund has been funded by government support, and is now solely funded by the generous support of the public and community fundraisers.

Your support can make a difference!

With your support, together we can ensure vulnerable young people and their families have opportunities to feel connected through safe and inclusive experiences.

How to get involved:

To discuss partnership opportunities and benefits, contact:

Matthew Rologas, Marketing Manager
matthew@cahoots.org.au    I    0412 507 939

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits, contact:

Matthew Rologas, Marketing Manager
matthew@cahoots.org.au    I    0412 507 939

With the help of our donors we can continue to offer life changing experiences to families who may be experiencing financial hardships.  To become a Regular giving Champion click here 

There are many fun and easy wyas to get in Cahoots with us and change lives for the better.   To find out how you can get involved click here.

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