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Tailored to participants aged 18+ with 1:2 care ratio. This page contains all the info you need to know before signing up for an Adults Camp or Program.

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Our Adults Camps and Programs inspire participants to harness and enhance their independence and capacity-building skills while embracing the local community alongside both familiar and new friends, all within an inclusive and supportive setting.

Our activities are tailored to suit their age group and are thoughtfully crafted in consultation with participants, taking into account their interests, preferences, and feedback.


Visit the pages below to learn more about Cahoots’ programs for adults.

Art Therapy

The Cahoots Hearts and Minds Program (CHAMPS) is an innovative holistic art program, designed to improve mental and emotional health amongst children and youth living with a disability or at disadvantage.

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Saturday Social Club

Catering to participants aged 18+, with a care ratio of 1:2. The Saturday Social Club encourages independence, capacity-building and social skills through engagement with other participants and the local community. The Saturday Social Club runs for 4 hours on select Saturday evenings during the school term.

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Visit the pages below to learn more about Cahoots’ camps for adults.

High Support Adults Camp

Tailored to participants with a care ratio of 1:1 and aged 18+, the High Support Adults Camps allow involvement in community and social activities in a safe and supported environment. High Support Adults Camps coming soon! Keep an eye out for more information.

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Adults Camp

Tailored to participants aged 18+, the Adults Camp is perfect for the young-at-heart. These experiences give the opportunity to strengthen skills, independence and community participation in an inclusive and encouraging environment, while making friends and having a great time. The Adults camps take place near and far. We offer weekend getaways during the school term and mid-week adventures in school holidays.

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Families Supported By Cahoots


Cahoots has helped Mikayla in so many ways I couldn’t even begin to describe it. One of the biggest ones is being socially appropriate in environment outside the home. That has been the biggest help for me. As now I can take her out, and she knows how to behave not only appropriately but safely. Also interacting with other children naturally she is not a sociable person and this is helped her to socialise with children her own age. It’s also helped her with her balance and gross motor skills with arts and craft and the activities that you do. For example bowling and parks.


Thank you for taking Bronwyn to Melbourne, she hasn't stopped talking about it! She has crossed another place off her map of future travels (believe me, it's a big list!!), and told many stories about the fun she had. For me, this has been the highlight and warms my soul every time I think about it.
She gave her little sister a pep talk where she told her, “you just have to face your fear and do things sometimes, as I did in Melbourne, I went out on the sky deck and did the chair ride with Shelley, I was scared but you have to face your fears, you can't let it hold you back.”
Bronwyn loves attending camp with Cahoots, she has the best time. Thank you for all the fun and adventures you send her on. She loves living life and wants to experience everything, we appreciate you helping that happen for her.

Siblings Alexandra and Andrew

“Alexandra has just been on the most recent teens camp last weekend and loved it, plus she made a friend!!! So happy for her and she really wants to attend again. Andrew loved the camp as well and can’t wait to come back!” - Mum Rikki

Anonymous volunteer

I just want to say thank you to you and the whole Cahoots team for giving me the opportunity to volunteer on the camps. I really enjoyed the young adults camp and had an amazing time.I am still new in the industry. This gave me a great learning experience, and I will carry my knowledge on.
Thank you again for everything and for all you have provided.

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