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Support young people living with a disability whilst accumulating your placement hours.

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Complete your Student Placement with Cahoots

Your student placement is an important time to develop the practical skills you will need in your future career. At Cahoots, we ensure you receive the training, experience and enjoyment out of your placement, to set you up for a bright career in disability services, social works, teaching, nursing or any other hands on job where you will deal with young people.

  • Record hours for your academic transcript
  • Develop real world skills and experience
  • Learn from a friendly, highly skilled team
  • Enjoy the activities and making a difference

What Cahoots Students Do

Duty of Care

Being a volunteer is an important job, as you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of your participant.

Help participants grow

Working alongside your participant to help them learn new skills and build friendships

Have fun

We want everyone to have fun, both the participants and you. Smiles really are contagious!

Different Programs you can do for Student Placements

Saturday Half-day Program

Join us for a Saturday of fun, friends, and connection to help children facing exceptional challenges. Your time will be spent ensuring participants have fun, explore new activities, grow in confidence and skills, make new friends and feel connected.

Day Programs run every Saturday during school term.
Duration: 5 hours
Starts: 9:30am
Ends: 2:30pm
Includes: Catering and activities

Saturday Evening Program

Join us for a night on the town with Cahoots Social Club!
A Saturday night of fun, friends, and connection to help children facing exceptional challenges. Your time will be spent ensuring participants have fun, explore new activities, grow in confidence and skills, make new friends and feel connected.

Social Club runs every Saturday during school term.
Duration: 5 hours
Starts: 3:30pm
Ends: 8:30pm
Includes: Catering and activities

School Holiday Day Programs

Keep yourself busy during the school holidays with our programs running Monday – Friday during the week. With every day taking on an exciting activity, you and your participant are guaranteed a lot of fun!

School Holiday day programs run Monday – Friday of the school holidays.
Duration: 7 – 9 hours
Starts: 8:30am (All Abilities), 9:00am (High Support)
Ends: 5:30pm (All Abilities), 4:00pm (High Support)
Includes: Catering and activities

Weekend Camps

Spend your weekend building friendships and connecting with like minded people, while helping children facing exceptional challenges grow in confidence and skills. Over the weekend participants come out of their shell, make friends, connect and explore new skills – with your help!

Weekend camps run from Friday evening to Sunday evening, during school terms.
Duration: 2.5 days, 2 nights
Starts: Friday 3:30pm
Ends: Sunday 4:30pm
Includes: Transportation, catering, accommodation and activities.

School Holiday Camps

Give back and have fun during the School Holidays in January, April, September or December! We have a variety of weeklong, 4-day and 3-day camps, with participants of all ages. Depending on the season there is a range of different activities you are sure to love!

Duration: 4 nights, 3 nights or 2 nights.
Includes: Transportation, catering, accommodation and activities.


“This is the best experience of my life… thank you for this rewarding and unforgettable experience. Forever grateful. I will be back for sure without a doubt. Cahoots is officially my new family.”

“I absolutely LOVED helping out at Cahoots and can’t wait for the next program, thank you so much for all that you do for everyone that gets to be apart of such a wonderful rewarding experience! <3”

Our Student Placement Process

4-step process on how to do your Student Placement with Cahoots.

Sign up

To sign up click here.

You will be asked to complete a short form including uploading a Working With Children’s Check and NDIS Worker Screening.  If you don’t have these documents already – we will help you get them!

Attend an induction

Inductions will ensure that you know what to expect when you arrive for your student placement volunteering experience and meet the people that will be along side you.

Select your

Find experiences that works best for you.

Congratulations! You are now
ready to join us.

Get ready to have some fun and help Cahoots kids feel connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a volunteering shift?

You can apply for any upcoming volunteering shifts through Better Impact. All you have to do is log into Better Impact, go to ‘opportunities’, and then ‘opportunities list’, select the service you want to volunteer on and then click ‘sign up’.

Will I get training?

Absolutely, we have training modules online and then an induction. This will go over everything you need to know about volunteering. If you have any questions, you can always email

What screening checks do I need?

You require a Working with Children Check and a NDIS Workers Screening, if you don’t have these documents, please don’t worry, we will help you obtain them.

Do I need qualifications?

Not at all, anyone who is passionate about volunteering can help.

Can I get a roster created for me?

Yes, this is the preferred method for all students, this guarantees that you will meet all your hours and requirements.

Do you offer any other time of placement opportunities to meet different requirements?

We sure do, please contact us at for more information.

To view the Cahoots Policy & Procedures click here.