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Thank you for making a difference

Financial sponsership would actually be life changing, for Milah to meet someone going through the same thing as her and for us to get some support or just talk to people going through the same thing as us would be life changing, there would be tears.

Partnership, Sponsorship and fundraising

Did you know?

Cahoots is a registered West Australian Charity changing lives for the better.

For nearly 40 years we have  been creating inclusive opportunities for children and young people facing exceptional challenges or living with a disability the chance of living their best life.
Without the generous support of our West Australian community, we cannot continue to grow and provide more of these essential services and support  the many young people and families that need it most.

To discuss partnership, sponsorship or fundraising opportunities and other ways to get involved, please contact our team.

Fundraising Manager
   Kerryn Lambert

Marketing and Partnerships
   Kaylee Nicholas


Cahoots is taking part in Australia’s largest urban charity abseil to raise much needed funds for WA families who have a child with a disability – and you are invited to get involved! 

You can take the abseil yourself or simply help us raise funds by making a donation to support one of our families.

Whether you are a parent, carer, student, celebrity or just your average Jo you can take part and make a difference. 

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