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Every Little Bit Will Make a Difference!

You can help bring this vision to life

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some good news and be part of something uplifting again?

Like most, Cahoots has sadly been affected by COVID-19, with many of our camps and programs halted or attended in much lower numbers.

It’s been tough! Our participants have missed out….

Now, we are turning our attention to the future. A bigger, brighter future full of joy, laughter and growth.

Our vision is to turn our newly acquired Cahoots Kerem Adventure Park in Bullsbrook, into a purpose-built, nurturing space for all abilities!

And you can be part of this happy journey this tax time!

You can help us create new possibilities today and make the future better for vulnerable young people.

We have BIG DREAMS for the future, starting with the development of a Native Sensory Garden, specially designed to promote sensory exploration and foster learning of native Australian plants and bushtucker                                                                                 

“Sensory gardens are an effective regulation tool, creating
a place to promote calm, where the senses of Sound,
Sight, Smell, Taste & Touch can be explored safely”

– Michelle, Occupational Therapist       

You Can Help Bring This Vision To Life!

There are many benefits to having a sensory garden – especially one that embraces cultural elements. A place to explore, learn & thrive!

Every little bit will make a difference and will go towards the creation of a Native Sensory Garden


On behalf of our Cahoots families and our team – we thank you. Your support means the world to us. 

With Warm wishes

David Armstrong
CEO, Cahoots

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