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The difference your donation will be making.

Like many children, Dex, was a healthy, bright, and adventurous boy.  He loved going to the park, playing with other kids and had a big zest for life.  He was a real boy!   

Then one morning, it all changed….           

Dex woke up terrified, crying, with a splitting headache, painful ears, and couldn’t move one side of his face.  His grandma knew something wasn’t right, and she was just as frightened… they rushed him to emergency immediately

At 6 years old, Dex had suffered a stroke, which left him with an acquired brain injury!
He had no medical history of any health risks, and no warning signs!                                                                                         

Dex’s world has gone from one of happiness, friendships, and playgroups, to being overwhelmed and isolated with many medical visits. 
Dex doesn’t always understand what is going on in the world around him, and 
for Dex’s family, his care is 24/7.  It’s a challenge everyday!              

Unfortunately, Dex’s story is not an isolated one and the effects are devasting to the whole family.

Did you know… There are over 700,000 Australians diagnosed with a brain injury with 2 out of 3, acquired before the age of 25!  Acquired disability can happen to anyone, at anytime!

The longer young people like Dex stay isolated, the worse their future becomes.

Fortunately for Dex, his grandma found Cahoots

Cahoots helps change this, bringing hope and joy back to young lives in WA… You can help be part of this too.

Since attending Cahoots camps, Dex’s independence, and social skills have grown.
He is able to connect with others, self-regulate and enjoy friendships that make him smile…alot!

By simply donating $40 a month, y
ou are gifting young people like Dex, the chance to feel happy and connected again!

Show you care, any sized gift will give a young person and their family a brighter future.

On behalf of our Cahoots families and our team – we thank you. Your support means the world to us. 

With Warm wishes

Jess Karlsson
CEO, Cahoots

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