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Virtual Conquer the Capes 2022



Have you got what it takes to conquer 130KMS  in just 30 DAYS?  

All to help vulnerable children in WA and their families…

Then this is the virtual trail adventure for you!!

The Cahoots Conquer the Capes Virtual Adventure 

is not just another active challenge,  it is a virtual trail adventure where you will be immersed in the amazing Cape to Cape track through live virtual mapping software!   

Track your location on the map against friends,  family and other conquerors,  get exciting  pop ups when you hit your amazing milestones and earn a finishers medal for completing your challenge and changing the lives of many vulnerable WA children!



Register to start your
Conqueror journey

To register your spot


Walk, run or roll
130km in 30 days!

Sync your smart watch,  Fitbit or Strava and start conquering your 130kms anyway you like…
you’ve got 30 days to
get the job done!

Raise funds to help vulnerable WA children

All funds raised through your conquer go towards sponsoring life changing experience to vulnerable children in WA, who would otherwise not have these opportunities. 

Earn your finishers medal and cool rewards

By completing the Virtual Conquer the Capes 2022,  you will receive a super cool finishers medal and some great fundraising rewards when you reach your target. 



All funds raised will go towards the Cahoots Family Sponsorship Fund (FSF), which provides financial support to families who may be experiencing financial hardship, which potentially impacts on their ability to access essential services for their loved one such as Cahoots experiences. 

Caring for a young person with a disability or facing an exceptional challenges can place great strain on a family, relationships, and self-care.  Research has shown poorer physical and mental health for parents of children with a disability, particularly mothers.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for divorce rates to be higher, with families’ resources stretched thin and limited time to access additional resources. 

Creating respite opportunities for families and carers, whilst giving a young person the chance to experience more joy, can make a significant difference.

More than 360 scholarships awarded since inception, to young people who would otherwise not have had the chance to attend a life enhancing experience 

Up to $100,000 of scholarships annually, with demand for more opportunities mounting. 

Cahoots is committed to helping vulnerable communities and their families and as a NDIS registered service provider we provide support to families when seeking funding.  However,  some families do not have access to NDIS funding and those families are often at risk of falling through the cracks.  In previous years the Family Sponsorship Fund has been funded by government support, and is now solely funded by the generous support of the public and community fundraisers.


If you could not find the answer to your question below,  contact our team on together@cahoots.org.au or 0431 447 602 for more information. 

Once you register you will set and ready to Conquer,  however you will not be able to start the challenge until 1 April 2022.   
Our team will send you an email with an activation code in the lead up to the challenge start date to access the portal,  set up your fundraising page and get you conquering. 

Our Fundraising and Events team will set you up with a fundraising page,  which you will use to see your contribution to the collective amount raised by the Virtual Conqueror community.

You need to be 13 years and above to enter the Cahoots Virtual Conquer the Capes 2022 Challenge. We do have a kids virtual Conquer the Capes challenge which is open to any child between 5-12 years. The Cahoots kids virtual challenge is a mini version of this challenge and entails completing 30kms in 30 days, whilst helping to raise funds for Cahoots!  

Our virtual mapping platform allows you to manually enter your daily distance or you can sync your prefered GPS app with the challenge link to upload automatically. The mapping platform integrates with most GPS apps such as Strava, Mapmywalk, Fitbit and the likes.  

The Cahoots Virtual Conquer the Capes is an active fundraising challenge with every conqueror encouraged to raise a minimum of $300. Once you reach your target, you will receive a special Cahoots reward to mark your efforts! 

But that’s not all – if you raise more than $750, you will receive a stunning Cahoots Conqueror Cap to stay protected and cool whilst on your next outdoor adventure!       

There’s plenty reason to keep letting people know why what you are doing matters – because the more you raise, the more you get rewarded and the  young children and youth smile! 

Once you have completed the 130km, you will be shipped your medal when the virtual adventure challenge ends which is the 1 May 2022. We anticipate it taking approximately 7 working days to reach you, so keep a look out in the post! 


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