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Sophie’s Story – Central Park Plunge 2018

School holidays are probably the toughest time for the family of Sophie Kotkis; diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome, a rare multi system disorder that has left her both legally blind and deaf. She likes routine and to be busy but a lack of funding has meant that she has had to withdraw from a lot of the camps that play a crucial role in developing her independence and equipping her for the future.

“When Soph is unable to attend camp it’s upsetting for all of us as she doesn’t get to continue the growth she has experienced at Cahoots.”

Kabuki syndrome is characterized by multiple abnormalities including distinctive facial features, growth delays, varying degrees of intellectual disability, skeletal abnormalities, short stature, loss of vision and hearing. This means that Sophie requires a fair amount of assistance in daily activities. Although this has brought her family a lot closer together, the Cahoots programs show her all the things other individuals with special needs are capable of doing.

Spending time with others with special needs and having a week away doing amazing activities at a Cahoots camp provides Sophie with independence and a chance to improve her social skills. It also provide her family with a time of respite and peace of mind.

“It helps our family know that there are people invested in Sophs’ future.”

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