Learn to shop online safely, with confidence.

Having the confidence to buy the things you need online, safely, gives you the independence you want. And we’ve made it easy to pick up all the essential know-how with Cahoots’ free Online Skillbuilder training courses. You’ll learn how to shop safely online. Every step is explained carefully, but you can stop and replay the training videos at any time. And you can choose to learn online with a carer, friend or parent, if that helps. All you need to get started is internet access and a mobile device, laptop or desktop.

These short trainings are created to assist people who want to improve their online skills. Each training teaches one skill, and can be used for self-directed learning or facilitated by a carer.

   1. How to Have a Video Chat 

   2. How to Create a Safe Password 

   3. How to Shop Safely 

   4. How to Shop Online 

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How to complete the training

All videos must be watched to complete the training. Tests and content overviews are optional, but points and badges can be earned for viewing all training content. At the bottom of each content page is a question or a continue button: answer or click to complete the content.

Earn Your Certificate

Your certificate of completion will be emailed to you as soon as the video’s included with the course have been watched. Other documents in the folder are in addition, and are optional. Your learner can earn points and badges for learning by completing the test included in the module. Please note that this is a fun, short test that should be an enjoyable process for learners.

Tips for family members, carers and training facilitators.

This training contains short videos so that learners can watch multiple times as needed. The videos also contain slow transitions which allow time for facilitators to pause and discuss content with the learner. Closed captions and full screen video can be accessed for each video. A full transcript is also available for each module.


Transcripts of each learning module is included with the training materials. Videos included with training can be played full screen, and with or without closed captions. Play, pause, and volume controls are also available. These controls are located at the bottom of each video window, as shown below.