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National Disability Insurance Scheme

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (also called the NDIS) is the new way that people with disability will be provided with support into the future. The NDIS will help people with disability live an ordinary life and achieve their personal life goals.

Those on the NDIS will work with a Local Coordinator from Disability Services Commission to to determine  a plan for achieving these goals. Goals may include greater independence, social participation, community involvement, employment and improved well-being. Individuals will then we allocated personalised funding which they can use towards programs and services which help them to achieve these goals.

The NDIS allows people with disability and their family and carers, the right to make their own life decision and exhibit control over their long-term outcomes. The NDIS also provides information and referrals to existing support services in the community.

The transition to NDIS

As of 1 July 2018, the NDIA delivers the NDIS in Western Australia. The NDIA will continue to deliver the NDIS in a staged approach in different areas across the State. This means that the NDIS will become available in different areas of the State at different times. The NDIS will finish rolling out in WA in 2020.

If you are currently in the WA NDIS, you will transfer to the Australia-wide NDIS from 1 April 2018 following a planned schedule. In the meantime, you will continue to receive your services while your plans are transferred to the Australia-wide NDIS and your Local Coordinator can give you general information about how and when people will transfer.

It is a priority for both the State and Commonwealth governments to fully support and ensure a smooth transition for people with disability, their families and carers, and staff providing services under the NDIS during this transition phase.

Depending on your circumstances, your pathway to taking advantage of the NDIS may be different. To find out which information is most suitable to you, view here:

Pathways to NDIS in Western Australia

How will this effect Cahoots and campers?

Any families living in the current WA NDIS / NDIA NDIS site should already have NDIS plans, or a date scheduled for a plan to be developed. If you have not yet had a planning meeting, please contact Disability Services Commission (DSC) to organise a meeting.

Families not living in WA NDIS areas are still able to access funding for support services. DSC Local Coordinators (LCs) are available to help people with disability, living outside WA NDIS areas to access individualised funding for supports.

Once the NDIS is rolled out, Cahoots will no longer receive government funding.

Funding previously paid directly to organisations like Cahoots will now be paid directly to individuals, allowing them to choose where they spend their funding. This means that the cost of services will increase, and that families need to be proactive in organising their NDIS / individualised funding.

How do I make sure camps are part of my plan?

If you are entering into a plan in the near future and you wish to continue or commence attending programs or services run by Cahoots, it is important that you consider the outcomes you want to achieve and how our services can help you achieve these.

Cahoots fits perfectly under social participation goal setting i.e. I would like to make new friends, I would like to see my camp friends, I would like to attend more Cahoots programs. Cahoots programs are suited to other clusters and categories also. Cahoots also fits under Health and Well-being i.e. I would like to be more active.

Cahoots can provide more information for you to take to your planning meeting, or we can even attend the planning meeting with you as a support person.

If you’d like to learn more about what the NDIS means to you and your family there are a range of information sessions being held.

For more information, check out the National Disability Insurance Scheme website or contact DSC on:

WA NDIS Enquiries – DSC 
1800 996 214 (Free call) or

Based on information released by NDIS, these are some great outcomes for you to consider when creating your NDIS plan

The Cahoots team are here to support your transition to an NDIS plans. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9240 6928 or

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