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Preparing for Camp

What to pack

We ask that you fill out the clothing checklist to ensure you bring everything you need to camp, and to help us identify your possessions.

  • Please attach this document to the inside of your bag or case
  • Ensure that the bag itself and all items enclosed are clearly labelled

If you lose any clothing or return with someone else’s clothes, please phone the office on (08) 9240 6928. Note that lost property will only be kept for two weeks after camp.


Pocket money will not be needed, nor is it advisable for anyone to take valuables with them on camp. We feel the absence of money and valuables will ensure a more relaxed time is had by all.


  • Any medication and a completed medication chart must be given to the Facilitator upon arrival.
  • Parents/carers must then countersign the medication chart with the Facilitator to acknowledge that the information is correct.
  • All medication must be clearly labelled with name and dosage.
  • Medication must be provided in a dosette box or blister pack, prepared and labelled for the supervisor to administer.
  • Please ensure that sufficient quantities are available for the full period of the camp plus extra in case of emergency.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to collect any leftover medication from the Facilitator upon return.

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