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Parents and Carers FAQ

Who will be  after my child?

The welfare of your child and ensuring they are having fun is our primary concern. All of the kids who attend our camps and programs are cared for by a team of carefully selected and screened volunteer leaders.

These volunteers do not always have experience with children or special needs, which is why the whole team is supported by a qualified camp supervisor. As many of our leaders are students, this is their chance to apply and develop their knowledge and skills.

The children are placed into small groups of up to three which are allocated a leader based upon the leader’s experience, knowledge and personality as well as the support requirements of the children.


Do we get to meet our child’s leaders before a camp or program commences?

No – as our leaders are volunteers who work, study and have families, it is difficult to coordinate a meeting prior to the camp or program commencing, on top of the registration and pre-camp meetings they already attend.

However, we understand the importance of providing carers and parents with an opportunity to talk with their child’s leader. Leaders arrive earlier than families, so at the departure point there is plenty of time (providing you get there on time) to meet your child’s leader and discuss your child with them. On return home, you will also have the opportunity to touch base with the leader and receive feedback on what your child experienced.


What activities will my child do?

A range of activities are selected for each camp and program based upon the age, ability and interests of the participants, as well as what is available in the surrounding community and the group’s willingness to travel.

Programs are planned to incorporate a range of activities that are fun, challenging and interesting and which promote socialisation, team work, independence and life skill building as well as allowing the children to participate at their own level. Both on site and community activities are planned to encourage integration and participation in the community.


How much will it cost?

For more information regarding costings, please contact us on (08) 9240 6928 or our Camp Coordinator, Toni, via email on


Is Cahoots registered with the NDIS?

Yes, and we’re here to support you in your transition to individualised funding. Visit the NDIS page for more information.

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