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What is membership?

There are 2 levels of membership available at Cahoots (formerly Kids’ Camps) to participants and their parents/guardians/carers.

Participating Member

A Participating Member may be a participant or a parent/guardian/carer who join Cahoots to access our many programs, camps, services and social events.

It is FREE to become a Participating Member.

Click here to become a member.

Please contact the Cahoots team on on for further information and to become a member.

Members of Association

Members of Association have voting rights as follows:

  • Voting at Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Voting on resolutions at Special Meetings including Changes to the Constitution
  • Receiving notification of all AGM’s and other Membership meetings that may be called from time to time
  • Nominating other Association members as a ‘Life’ or ‘Honorary’ Member

This level of membership requires approval by Board, through CEO. There is also an Annual Fee of $50.

Please contact CEO for further information.



Our programs are run for children and young people aged 5-25 with some form of intellectual disability. We also run camps for those needing one-to-one support from a professional carer.


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