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Lizzie’s Story -Central Park Plunge 2018

Elizabeth is 12 and lives in Kalgoorlie. She is a unique child, she always has a smile of her face and never fails to make her family laugh and put a smile on their face. Elizabeth loves dancing, crocheting, playing board games and riding her bike but most of all she loves singing. Elizabeth recently competed in a competition for Disable sports and won 2 medals, this was a great achievement and so is sending her to cahoots camps.
Elizabeth was diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability, she also has emotional dysregulation disorder and has a brain tumour as well as seizures. Travelling to Perth and back to Kalgoorlie after medical appointments as well as Cahoots camps has been a struggle for her family but they try their best to get her there.

“Elizabeth has been attending cahoots for nearly 2 years now and watching her come back after 4 days, it feels like she has grown up more and more. She learns many new things, tries new things and meets new people.”

With Elizabeth the greatest achievement of all is seeing her smile and laugh so much it puts a smile on our face. When Elizabeth when on camp to Geraldton, she managed to teach her leader sign language, not only did she teach a leader something new but she also left the camp having learnt how to count in Portuguese. The volunteers Elizabeth has on camp are amazing, they always teach her new things and she teaches them too. Elizabeth really enjoys her time at these camps.

“Elizabeth has built many friendships at camps but most of all she learns more independence.”

We would like to thank our plungers for helping all of these kids in need. It’s the kindest thing anyone can do. Elizabeth and I opened the email about the pledge and were so happy when we found out that someone wants to help us, Elizabeth is so excited to meet you all on the day if we can come up .Go team!!!

4 BRAVE  PEOPLE ARE TAKING THE PLUNGE FOR ELIZABETH- You can support them and make a difference by donating today! MAKE A DONATION

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