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Using Interactive Games to Teach Kids To Wash Their Hands

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As our key focus remains safeguarding our participants, their families and our team, we are creating fun and inclusive opportunities for our participants to be educated on health and hygiene practices and social distancing based on the current recommendations by the WA Department of Health.
Our participants will be learning valuable skills while enjoying fun and interactive games and activities through an inclusive and supportive environment.
Before every Camp and Program participants will learn the following:
  • The importance of good hygiene and good hygiene practices
  • Social distancing and its importance, while remaining inclusive and fun
  • The importance of handwashing and good handwashing practices
Activities include:
  • “Hand Washing Hero” Awards
  • The Pepper Experiment. An educational science experiment to demonstrate the importance of using soap when washing your hands.
  • Hand wash sing-a-long
This is an opportunity to CONNECT as a community, LEARN new skills and practices, and CELEBRATE our kindness and support towards one another.
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