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Introducing the Cahoots Social Club 18+

Join Cahoots Social Club 18+, run on the first Wednesday of every month.


This program gives Cahoots participants, aged 18 and over, the opportunity to catch-up socially outside of the camp programs for a meal, movie or fun activity. The program will be facilitated by long-term volunteer/facilitator, Shane McGinnis, and the participants will have input into what activity they wish to try next.

The cost of each activity is $78 which includes:

  • Activity costs
  • supervision form volunteers and a trained facilitator.

The activity will vary from month to month, please see the individual activities for specific information.


Upcoming dates:

Activity 2: 5th July- Hogs Breath Cafe and Pot Black in Northbridge register here

Activity 3: 2nd August- Dinner and Timezone in Northbridge Register here

Activity 4: 6th September- Dinner and Movie in Leederville Register here

Activity 5: 4th October- Nando’s and Karaoke in Northbridge Register here

Activity 6: 1st November Lawn Bowls and Pub dinner TBC: Register here

Activity 7: 6th December- Dinner and Movie TBC: Register here


Contact  or 9240 6928 to find out more information about Cahoots Social Club 18+

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