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Haylee’s Story

July 31, 2020

We would like to introduce you to one of our star volunteers Haylee! Haylee first started volunteering for Cahoots in late March of 2019, just as she started working full time as a full time Special Needs Education Assistant.

When Haylee first started out, she simply wanted a change of pace, to start something new which would also allow her to give back to her community but by her second camp she had grown to love Cahoots kids and families so much that she never wanted to stop coming back.

Volunteering with Cahoots gave Haylee the opportunity to meet many new people, each with different experiences and people who were supportive and committed to creating a fun, tight-knit community that loves what they do, enjoys being with the camper and allows everyone both volunteers and campers to have an amazing time. Now Cahoots has become a 2nd family for her.

“I love the impact you make in someone else’s day just by doing the smallest things. You get to meet so many new people who are really experienced at what they do, everyone is extremely supportive and we are all on board with everything together.”

Through volunteering, Haylee has learned teamwork, leadership, and other skills that have allowed her to become an even better Education Assistant. More than anything, the friendships along the way were what was truly special about Cahoots. 

Fellow volunteers, the campers, being with them and interacting alongside them throughout all of the activities have become something special to her and she hopes to continue.

She is excited to meet and get to know more as she continues as a Volunteer. 

“I have had the privilege to see so many of the campers grow, it has been amazing to watch each of their big and small victories”

For her, volunteering at Cahoots has been a special opportunity to learn more about creating inclusive spaces for young people living with a disability and other exceptional challenges, and to create memories that are simply unforgettable.

“In helping others we help ourselves and the circle of life continues. Be apart of something truly amazing learn more  about yourself and share so many experiences with other like minded people and start your Cahoots journey!”

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No matter how small, your contribution goes towards helping Cahoots lower the costs for families using our services. Whilst we are NDIS funded, there is often a shortfall between the funding and the cost of our activities, so your donations mean families can still send their loved ones to our camps and programs.

For many, Cahoots is a life changing experience for both the participants who grow, learn and enjoy themselves, but it also provides respite to parents and families from the demands of full time care. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated.