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Frequently Asked Questions


Cahoots continues to provide services at a rate that is much lower than the standard NDIS rate because our families have been and will continue to be our number one priority. If you have any questions or queries please review our frequently asked questions below or contact us directly.

Participants without funding

For participants who cannot afford to pay for Cahoots services please complete our sponsorship application form here.


Please review Cahoots cancellation policy here C01 Cancellation Policy


If you have already registered for a Cahoots activity when Cahoots updates their pricing you will be notified by email as soon as possible, your service agreement will not be affected.

Cahoots recreational service prices are updated every 6 months in line with the NDIS guidelines. Cahoots continues to provide our services at a much lower rate than the standard NDIS rates. 

Teens camps cost more than kids camps as the particpants needs can become more diverse as they develop into teenagers, we provide further training to our staff to cater for these needs. This is required to ensure our high safety and quality standards. Also, activities and catering for teens are generally more expensive than kids, which is included in Cahoots prices.

The entertainment prices on the weekend for young adult activities are more expensive (i.e. Adult prices), and as Cahoots covers all activity expenses in this price, the fee per place is slightly higher.

We are currently offering a promotion on our SW 18+ weekend camps as they are a new service for Cahoots in the South West and therefore offering at a heavily discounted rate.

This is due to the claims process within the NDIS portal. It may causes a difference of a few cents. All prices listed on our website are the maximum rate, you will not be charged over this amount. 

Weekend rates are higher in SCHADS award (rates we pay staff) and also for accommodation and activities. This rate is all inclusive of all these expenses and is still well within the NDIS total limit.

If you are still waiting for an NDIS plan or you need help with your plan, please contact our team and they will be able to provide a letter of support for Cahoots services. In the meantime you would be eligible to apply for sponsorship from Cahoots

Discounted rates are approximately 30% (discounted by 70% from full fees). Cahoots is a mission driven charity, which aims to support many Western Australia families who face exceptional challenges by offering a low cost sponsorship rate.

To apply for sponsorship with Cahoots please complete our sponsorship application form here. 

We are planning to launch this new program for young people in October, we’ll be sure to update our families as soon as our launch date is confirmed. If you would like to be the first to access this service please submit your expression of interest here – we know places on this program will book out quickly!

High Support

Cahoots will be launching high support services for participants with complex mobility, personal care and medical needs in the near future. Prices, age suitability and locations are to be confirmed. To stay up to date on the development of these services, please complete the expression of interest form here. 

Yes, you can bring your support worker, provided they are able to complete all Cahoots training, and comply with Cahoots policies and processes. The price for camps and programs will remain the same, as this is all inclusive.

Bookings and Registration

  • Registrations for all programs close 4 days before the program. 
  • Registrations for all camps close 10 days before the camp. 

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