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Inclusive Workplace Culture

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Leaders: Gain customers, gain profits, and build a thriving team!

Most team leaders know that diversity in the workplace leads to increased profits, happier customers, and higher staff retention. Yet some hesitate to take action because they have cost concerns, worries over losing customers or staff, or are not sure how to make the business case for investing in training or facilities upgrades. Some run the risk of receiving complaints under the Disability Discrimination Act, simply because they are not aware of their responsibilities under the law. After all, what does access look like going forward, and how does it affect the Western Australian community, your employees, and your clients?

This 2-hour, highly focused workshop is built with leaders in mind. You’ll learn:

  • How to calculate your potential profits or community benefits
  • How should risk and responsibility effect your decisions
  • How to support and encourage positive change in your team
  • How to uncover and address barriers to change
  • 5 strategies to make services more accessible, businesses more profitable, and customers and employees happier.
  • How to create an action plan for change that you can take action on immediately

Inclusive workplace cultures don’t have to be a struggle. Put your leadership team through a challenge that will teach them the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and future-proof your organisation for the needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Call or email our training facilitator to organise your workshop today.

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