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Inclusion Training

Training for the Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive workplace training creating more productive, happier workers

Diverse hiring practices are an important first step to creating an inclusive workplace. Yet often employees with different backgrounds, experiences, or abilities can feel alienated from other employees who sharemore similar backgrounds This dissuades participation and leads to lower retention rates among the very employees that give you the diverse experiences you want in your team.

Tap into the full benefits of your diverse team by workshopping inclusive workplace best practices with all your workers. Enjoy lower turnover, higher employee satisfaction, more creative solutions and more loyal customers by supporting your people to bring their “whole self” to the workplace with confidence.

Cahoots will train your workers to:

  • Understand legal frameworks that support equality and equity in the workplace
  • Gain insight into attitudes and environments that create discomfort or barriers to an inclusive workplace
  • Grow cultural competence around interacting with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Encourage diverse workers to feel fully confident in sharing their experiences and talents
  • Use practical tools to create the diverse, inclusive team you want to build

Start gaining all the advantages your diverse team has to offer! Schedule a full or half-day inclusive workplace training workshop by contacting today.


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