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Disability Awareness Training

Changing attitudes through awareness, challenge, and growth

unpacks ingrained cultural barriers that perpetuate discrimination in Australian workplaces, challenging workers to rise above pre-conceptions and provide inclusive service to all customers and colleagues. Practical, applicable, and challenging, Cahoots’ workshops train your workers through a series of games, discussions, and empathy-tools that create deep-level understandings that will influence your workers to naturally embrace the value of disability awareness.

Cahoots’ disability awareness training will guide your staff to:

  • Understand legislative frameworks that support people with disabilities
  • , with increased understanding of the impact of disability to people in daily life
  • Gain insight into environmental and attitudinal barriers experienced by people with disabilities
  • Grow awareness of simple ways to overcome environmental and attitudinal barriers
  • Use practical tools such as inclusive language and signage to facilitate communication

Disability awareness training is available as half-dayfor small teams or as a series of workshops for larger teams, and is a perfect complement to our Inclusion for Leaders workshop. Looking for a full day experience? Consider adding an Amazing Race to your training package, where employee teams experience the type of day-to-day challenges faced by people with disabilities as they race to the finish.

Bring out the best in your team! Disability awareness training gives your workers the tools to embrace a diverse and inclusive – the type of team that can propel your organisation into the future. Give our a call or drop us a line to chat through how Cahoots might be able to support you in your goals.

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