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Cultural Competence Training

Cultural Competence Training For Multi-Cultural Environments

Creating cross-cultural awareness to create better outcomes

In a society as multi-cultural and diverse as Australia, cultural competence training can feel unnecessary. And yet, many people experience stigma, misunderstandings, and ongoing alienation due to misperceptions of their colleagues. Businesses and organisations often go to great lengths to recruit and hire a diverse group of employees. Diverse employees however, don’t stay where they don’t feel fully welcome. That is why an emphasis on creating an inclusive work environment — where people of all backgrounds and abilities can find a role — is essential in retaining new employees. , with accompanying information regarding the benefits of an inclusive workplace, can give your workers a new framework for understanding your expectations for the work environment.

Cultural Competence Training encompasses:

  • The business case for cultural diversity
  • Identification of actual and potential impacts of cultural diversity
  • Increasing understandings of cultural impacts on interactions
  • Development of cultural awareness
  • Increased skills in cross-cultural communication
  • A diversity analysis of your business strategies and operations
  • Development of an action plan for managing cultural diversity in your organisation

Workplaces have very individual cultures, which is why our Cis tailored closely to the needs of each individual business or organisation. To see exactly where Cahoots could help you grow the cultural competence of your team, contact our training facilitator by phone or email today.

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