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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Creating awesome teams, and growing them!

Evidence clearly points to the value of building diversity and inclusion into your workforce. 10 years of reports from leading international consulting firms quantify the increased profits, increased retention rates, higher productivity, more loyal customers, and more creative solutions that are enjoyed by businesses and organisations that have embraced inclusive, diverse workplace cultures. (Not convinced? Contact us about our Inclusive Workplace Culture workshop for leaders & learn the stats!).

Cahoots provides a variety of training workshops to address the needs of your workplace. Through games, challenges, evidence, and discussions, our trainees will experience the following.

  • Disability Awareness Training : Be better equipped toassist customers and co-workers with disabilities, to ensure a positive experience for everyone.
  • Cultural Competence Training: Learn how to develop the cross-cultural understandings that support an inclusive workplace, and provide practical strategies to engage workers from all backgrounds.
  • Inclusive Workplace Culture: Designed for leaders, this workshop leads managers through the business case, strategies, and actions that can be taken to build an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Inclusion Training: Combining Disability Awareness and Cultural Competence, Inclusion Training fully engages your workforce with the value of inclusion for the future of your business, organisation, agency or educational establishment. Generally running as a full-day workshop, this training includes emphasising the future-proofing and worker benefits within an inclusive environment.

Which diversity and inclusion workshop is right for your team? Give our Inclusion Champion a call or drop an email to arrange a chat – together we’ll determine the solution that’s right for you!

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