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Disability Action Plan

The Disability Action Plan to Get You Going

DAIPs provide structure for your path forward

A Disability Action Plan is required by all Local and State Government authorities under the Western Australian law. Known as a DAIP (Disability Access & Inclusion Plan), it provides a roadmap for each organisation to facilitate increased independence, opportunities, and inclusion for people with a disability in the community. Non-government entities do not have to create a DAIP but are required to comply with DAIPs of any public authorities they are performing work for. Furthermore, DAIPs can be created and implemented by any business or organisation who want to plan for a more inclusive culture within their workplace.

Essentially, DAIPs look to achieve seven outcomes regarding public areas and services:

  1. Providing the same opportunities to attend events or access services for people with disabilities.
  2. Providing equitable access to buildings and facilities for people with disabilities .
  3. Providing any information available to the general public in accessible formats suitable for those with
  4. Ensuring all people receive the same level and quality of treatment from staff, regardless of any disabilities.
  5. Ensuring that people with disabilities have the same access to complaints procedures.
  6. Ensuring people with disabilities have the same opportunity to participate in any community consultation.
  7. Ensuring people with a disabilities have an equivalent opportunity to obtain and maintain employment.

Disability Action Plan for non-governmental entities

Similar to a DAIP, Cahoots can support any business or organisation to create a diversity and inclusion strategy. This will be tailored to assist your workplace to tap into the potential benefits offered by the diverse, inclusive workplaces and customer environments. The evidence is strong: inclusive workplaces offer genuine benefits for employers, employees, and customers, reducing costs and increasing profits.

If your local or state government is in need of a DAIP, or you’re a non-government organisation who is ready to start planning for your more diverse and inclusive future with a disability action plan, get in touch to book a chat about how Cahoots can help.


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