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Access Audit

Access Audits for Clarification and Planning

Uncover the barriers that prevent customers working with you

Accessibility Audit and Reporting

An access audit takes a critical look at the physical environment of your workplace, flagging areas where you make changes to increase the accessibility of your premises for both workers and customers. Under the Disability Discrimination Act, responsibility lies with the organisation to demonstrate their proactive steps towards developing accessible environments. An accessibility audit and report will begin clarifying the physical changes that your premises need to comply, as well as pointing out the “above and beyond” changes that communicate you are a fully inclusive and accessible environment.

Website Accessibility Audit and Reporting

Often overlooked, an organisations website is a common starting point for people with disabilities when they are looking for goods or services. Accessibility is essential during their research, because non-accessible websites just simply exclude these customers. Even simple informational sites often don’t include vital information such as ACROD parking, nearest accessible toilets, and the accessibility of the building itself are not included in websites. A website audit and report are the start to ensuring your website meets the needs of all your customers.

Policy/Procedures Audit and Update

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with policy updates, especially where “duty of care” and “dignity of risk” policies are in conflict. Our policy audit will highlight areas that require review, and suggest alternative policy options, allowing you to replace out of date policies with new compliant policies. If your organisation needs more than a policy update, our consultant will work directly with you to craft the policy and procedures that complement the objectives of your organisation, while incorporating inclusion and accessibility policies and procedures that reflect the inclusiveness of your organisation.

If you are ready to break down the physical, online, or policy barriers that could be keeping your customers away, get in touch to book a chat about how Cahoots can help.

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