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Disability Access Consultant

Inclusion and Disability Access Consulting

Supporting your move into the 4th Industrial Revolution

Workplace inclusion and disability access consulting incorporates tailored solutions for each business, organisation, government authority, or educational facility depending on the needs and standards set in place under the DDA. Access and inclusion however, is not just about minimal compliance with laws. For Cahoots, access and inclusion is about the realities of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the combination of emerging technologies, human-centred thinking, and stakeholder engagement that is part-and-parcel of our future world.

Cahoots wants to help you fully embrace the benefits of diversity in the workplace, enjoying the increased levels of employee performance and higher retention rates. Together we can raise the diversity among your customers, opening up new streams of loyal clientele. We’re ready to support your journey towards encouraging people with disabilities to join your team, frequent your establishment, or buy and share your products. The business benefits are clear (and if you’re sceptical, sign up for one of our Inclusion for Leaders short workshops and calculate the benefits for yourself!).

Consultancy services include leadership workshops, action planning, goal setting and tracking, mystery shopping, baseline audits, change management support and awareness training workshops addressing all areas of inclusion including disability, culture, race, and gender to create supportive, diverse workforces to propel your business or organisation to the forefront of the new human-centred industrial revolution.

Ready to get started on your journey to the future? Drop our disability access consultant a line to discuss where we can support you best!

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