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Diversity and Inclusion Services

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Consulting Services

Supporting you to grow your best team

Cahoots provides a variety of consulting and training services to support you on the path to diversity and inclusion. Through audits, action planning, and training workshops, Cahoots can create a program that is  designed to meet the needs of your business, organisation, school, or government entities,  and goes beyond simply ticking the boxes. Cahoots works with you to create real change in your workplace, broaden your customer base, and to minimise the likelihood of negative impacts from neglecting diversity and inclusion planning.

Leaders will enjoy our Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture workshop, where we review the stats and crunch the numbers on the value of an inclusive workplace. Action starts in the room with the development of your own Disability, Access and Inclusion plan.

Website, policy, and premises audits can all be arranged through Cahoots to clarify the specific areas  you need to focus your efforts to upgrade physical and informational environments to meet the needs of all people.

Workforce training from Cahoots brings games, challenges, and discussions into the room to engage and educate workers on the value of inclusive environments. Focus on disability awareness, cultural competence, or dive into full inclusion training, with a tailored program that emphasises the changes you need to see to help your diverse team thrive.

Large or complex organisations can benefit from our 12-month change support program, Embrace Change program.  This program works with you throughout a year of changes, providing leadership support, audits, training and goal tracking flexibly based on your needs as your organisation changes and grows.

Contact our Diversity and Inclusion Champion for a chat about how we might best help you.

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