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Clare’s Story – Central Park Plunge 2018

Clare 2

Clare lives with her Mum (Lisa), Dad (Bryan) and older sister (Meg). She is a happy and energetic 11 year old who likes swimming, bush walking and cuddles. Clare also has Autism, is non-verbal and has an intellectual disability. This means that Clare can have significant behaviour difficulties due to her frustration at not being able to communicate. For Clare’s family, this often means putting themselves on the backseat to support and take care of her. Cahoots camps however, give Clare’s family valuable time to spend together with the peace of mind that Clare is being taken care of.

Clare has attended 3 camps over the last 2 years. All the activities on camp are things that Clare loves to do especially the outdoor activities like swimming and playing in the park. Cahoots camps also give Clare a wonderful opportunity for social interaction. As Clare is non-verbal and struggles with all forms of communication, forming relationships can be very difficult. Cahoots gives Clare the chance to make friends in a safe and supported environment.

Clare’s parents have endeavored to get funding for 4 camps a year because they find them so valuable. These applications however, have always been rejected and now they simply cannot afford all the camps out of their own pocket.  School holidays can be very difficult for Clare as the absence of routine can lead to behaviour problems. Cahoots would provide another routine that Clare would enjoy greatly.

The fundraising for Clare will make a great difference. It gives Clare more opportunities to do activities that suit her needs perfectly and for the rest of the family to take some time out knowing Clare is happy.

“Thank you so much for helping Clare be able to attend camps.  It is hard for us to express how much this means to us.  The help you’ve provided gives Clare an opportunity to have fun and make friends.  These commonplace things can be so hard for her.  Thank you.”


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