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We’re taking the plunge

A team of abseilers descend down the side of the building

We’re excited to announce that Kids’ Camps has been selected to take part in Zenith’s Central Park Plunge again in 2016!

Currently we are rapidly filling up our 50 Superheroes positions to abseil down 220m of the Central Park building on the afternoon of Sunday, September 4. We have many teams this year joining the Kids’ Camps Superhero Team including 2 teams from Mindarie Primary, Miss Adventures and 2 teams from our collaboration partner, The Forum Group.

This event aims to raise $350,000 between the four participating charities, and Kids’ Camps have set a personal charity goal to raise $100,000, so we’re going to need your help!

If you would like to donate towards Kids’ Camps Superhero Team, you can make a donation HERE.

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