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Caleb’s Story – Central Park Plunge 2018

Caleb 3

Caleb is a bright 10 year old boy. He was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism, Global Development Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder but Cahoots has given Caleb an opportunity to play, interact and socialize with other children in a supportive and inclusive safe environment without being judged.

Caleb loves his Thomas the Tank Engine trains, Jurassic dinosaurs, ocean animals and YouTube. He also loves science experiments and being outside in nature. Although Caleb has been working with therapists to overcome restrictive eating and to help him with his speech so that he is able to express himself more easily, not having extra support for Caleb has been tough for Caleb’s family as he constantly needs care.

“Our family has struggled without any family support at all nor had any respite or support work over the years while both trying to maintain employment and give Caleb the best opportunities with his struggles in life.”

Cahoots has helped encourage Caleb to make friends, try new activities and experiences that he wouldn’t usually get to like dancing, swimming and playing ‘team’ sports. He has attended Cahoots Social Recreation Group for almost two years until his funding was drastically cut.

“Caleb loves his ‘Social Club’ as he calls it and asks for it each week and every school holidays. He became quite upset and didn’t understand why he couldn’t attend anymore and would state every Friday after school ‘Social club tomorrow’?”

Cahoots gives children like Caleb the opportunities to learn, grow, and try activities in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. The Cahoots carers and volunteers make a difference in the lives of our kids without making them feel different or judged.

“We would like to thank Cahoots and their team for what they do. The work, dedication and fundraising they do for families and children like ours gives us hope for Caleb’s future.”

4 BRAVE PEOPLE ARE TAKING THE PLUNGE FOR CALEB – You can support them and make a difference by donating today! MAKE A DONATION 


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