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Cahoots Online Inclusion Program

Cahoots Online Inclusion Program

The Cahoots Online Inclusion Program (COIP) provides participants with educationally relevant activities to ensure they are able to access the internet and web-based programs, safely and effectively.

The resources are provided by educational experts and align with both Cahoots Online Inclusion Program learning outcomes and the Australian Curriculum. Activities are designed by Cahoots Service Coordinators and Facilitators who are experts in working with young people living with a disability.

Activities address the learning outcomes in a blended fashion utilising technology and face-to-face learning activities. Activities are catered to the age and learning needs of all participants. 

The Cahoots Online Inclusion Program forms part of activities on Cahoots camps and programs, ensuring learning activities are collaborative and engaging.

The Cahoots Online Inclusion Program was created with support from the auDA Foundation


We have a selection of useful resources that may be helpful at home or in the classroom. To access free lesson plans, please email  info@cahoots.org.au with the subject line ‘COIP resources’.

We also have a range of downloadable images including conversation tips, scam alerts and warning signs which can be printed and kept somewhere as a reminder!

Download the images below by clicking the download buton and right clicking on the image to ‘save as’.

Warning Signs Downloadable Graphic

Conversation Tips Downloadable Graphic

Scam Alert Downloadable Graphic

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