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Cahoots Minecraft Campaign

10th August – 6th September 2020

Let your kids’ creativity shine in a safe and all-inclusive online space where they can meet up with and make friends who share their interests. Participants will be able to make stories, buildings, and anything else they want to make happen. The world will be monitored by our very own team to provide a space where friendships can form and blossom and the best part – it’s free to join.

The campaign will launch on the 10th of August and will run till the 6th of September in celebration of our monthly camp and program theme – gizmos and gadgets.

Spaces are limited so make sure you register to get involved! 

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an online video game. It is the equivalent of online lego. Each player can collect different types of blocks and then use their imagination to create different worlds from these blocks. Your creativity is your limit!  

Is it safe?

Cahoots minecraft campaign will be run privately and by registration only. It will also be monitored to make sure that all players are treating each other with kindness and respect. Anyone found to be in violation of our code of conduct will be immediately removed from the game.

Who can take part?

Anyone! We would like to encourage all Cahoots participants to give it a go and invite a friend, carer or friend along with you to help explore your creativity and make some memories together but anyone is welcome to join.

Minecraft Campaign
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