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Cahoots Connect: A community inclusion project

Cahoots Connect

What is Cahoots Connect?

Cahoots Connect promotes social inclusion of young adults with disability, by promoting participation in social and community based programs and businesses.

We have received a funding contribution from the City of Vincent to pilot Cahoots Connect’ over the next 6 months.

To make this pilot project happen, we require the support of local businesses within the City of Vincent, to collaborate with us and host a series of short ‘connect’ workshops within their venue.

Each business we collaborate with will be asked to host four (4) short workshops over a four (4) month period (May-August 2017). Each workshop will last for two (2) hours and will have approximately 5-8 participants and 2-3 support workers who will provide duty of care for the participants. We will work with each business to develop a program for your workshop and determine a convenient time for the workshops that does not cause disruption to service.

These sessions will roughly consist of a:

  • Business introduction and tour
  • Some practical learning opportunities within the business; and
  • Social interaction time.

Benefits to your business/clubs

We have found that many businesses are in-favour of inclusion but don’t know where or how to get started.

In exchange for your involvement in the program Cahoots will:

  • Provide an access and inclusion assessment: We will work with you to determine how inclusive and accessible your business/club is for people with disability and recommend options to make it more inclusive.
  • Increase your opportunity for exposure: Having people with disability working alongside your business will tell the world you are in favour of inclusion. This will increase the number of people with disability and their family/carers who engage with your business/club.
  • Provide your business with avenues to employ people with disability: Cahoots can direct you to avenues to hire a supportive employee (employee with a disability who are supported by an external agency).
  • Staff personal development: We hope this project will provide your employees the opportunity to gain experiencing working with people with disability and therefore providing more inclusive service to the community.
  • Exposure for the business/club: Cahoots will promote your participation in this project across our marketing channels including on our website and social media channels.

An example of a Cahoots Connect workshop

  • Participants arrive out the front of a local café who is participating in Cahoots Connect. They introduce themselves to each other and support leaders.
  • The owner/manager/staff member of the café gives participants an introduction to the business including an overview of what the business does, history, a quick tour, fun facts eg. where the coffee beans are from.
  • Then the participants will gain practical experiences within the café such as delivering coffees and cakes to customers or processing a payment through the till.
  • The group will then enjoy some social time enjoying a coffee or cake from the business (paid for by program).

Getting Involved

If you are interested in this opportunity of supporting people with disability through community inclusion, please let us know the best time for one of our office staff to meet a representative of your business/club to discuss the extent and involvement in the program by contacting

Thanks to our sponsor, City of Vincent.


Who are Cahoots?

Cahoots is a Perth based non-for profit organisation that runs camps and social programs for children and young people with disability. Formerly known as Kids’ Camps, we have been operating camps in Western Australia for over 35 years.

Recently, we have expanded our services to include recreational and community participation programs that aim to assist young people with disability to build social skills, create friendships and develop skills to progress towards independence.

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