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Ben’s Story – Central Park Plunge 2018

Ben loves food; don’t we all? He also loves abseiling, rock climbing, talent shows and discos but, unlike most boys Ben’s age, he and his family are challenged every day by his intellectual disability, Autism. Cahoots camps however, provide Ben with opportunities to enjoy all the things he loves. More than that, they give him freedom, independence and the ability to be himself without being judged.

Ben’s disability has a significant impact on his family. He finds it difficult to control his behaviours and emotions and often his inability to keep these in check results in a massive meltdown. When he has a meltdown, his family feel it too.

“It is like they have all been through a life changing trauma.”

Ben’s mum describes the blessing that Cahoots camps are for their family saying that, “a weeks respite is like winning the lottery!” and is invaluable in helping their family regroup and carry on. Meanwhile, they have the peace of mind knowing that Ben is well looked after and comfortable.

Ben has been attending camps with Cahoots since 2015. He loves the freedom and diversity of all the camps. He always takes away something new, whether it’s a new life skill (he loves helping out in the kitchen) or facing a fear (such as heights), each camp has seen him grow in a unique way.

This year, Cahoots is asking you to take the plunge, to continue to help kids like Ben have the opportunities to do the things they love and give their families the rest they need.

“Knowing that there are people out there willing to help someone they barely know gives us a lot of faith that Ben will have a bright future, as there are people like you, out there willing to help someone less fortunate.  Your generosity has made a young man feel very special!  Thank you so much for your support and time for someone in need.” 

4 BRAVE PEOPLE ARE TAKING THE PLUNGEFOR BEN – You can support them and make a difference by donating today! MAKE A DONATION


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