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Volunteer FAQ

How do I contact you if I have further questions or my details change?

A: You can ask questions and update your details by sending us a message here. 

Cahoots Connects

A: Assisting one of our Team Leaders in collecting and delivering groceries from supermarkets and food banks.

A: We will provide you with a Cahoots Connects T-Shirt to wear. Please wear  a jumper underneath in case you get cold and some comfortable long trousers or jeans. 

A: Currently you must be 18 years or older, however we are constantly looking to provide more people great volunteering experiences and want to work with people under 18 in the future.

A: If requested by the customer, yes. In this case you will be given full PPE and training before you enter the home. If you are uncomfortable with doing that, please let us know and we can allocate you shifts that don’t require entering customer homes. In most cases, the customer prefers the shopping dropped at the front door.

A: You will receive an automated confirmation email immediately and then we will contact you within 7 days to organise your induction training. 

A: You can ask questions and update your details by sending us a message here. 

If you, or another person is in immediate threat, please call 000. 

In case of a mental health emergency:

  • For immediate assistance with life threatening situations call 000
  • Mental Health Emergency Response Line:
    • Metro residents (local call) – 1300 555 788
    • Peel residents (free call) – 1800 676 822

The 24-hour, seven day a week Mental Health Emergency Response Line has professionals who can provide advice about mental health problems and, if needed, assist with access to mental health care.

For more information we recommend visiting the Mental Health Commission website.

Camps and Programs

A: Many of our volunteers are carers and leaders for our participants, although we also have volunteers who drive our fleet of vans or who help prepare food for camps and programs.

A: Depending on the camp/program you will support 1-3 participants with getting involved in the activities, assisting them with personal care and helping to make their time at the camp/program educational, enjoyable and inclusive.

A: Many of our camps are self-catered, so volunteers assist in preparing and serving delicious nutritional food for our participants and staff. Kitchen volunteers also need to ensure that dietary requirements are adhered to and that extra ingredients are purchased during the camp as needed.

A: We have a fleet of four 8-12-seater vehicles which we use for most camps and programs. If you have a C class license and are comfortable driving up to 12 people, you would be responsible for transporting our participants and staff throughout the day and picking up additional groceries or equipment as needed.

A: You can do this by looking through our activities page here. Select which camp or program you would like to volunteer at, then click on the ‘Volunteer for this camp/program’ button.

A: In order to maintain consistency and routine which is crucial for our participants, we do not allow volunteers to only attend part of a camp or program. Volunteers are required to attend the entire camp or program they are rostered on for.

A: We cover all costs for volunteers to be involved in our activities. This includes accommodation, meals, entry to any activities, transport and a Cahoots T-shirt.

A: Yes. When you first register with Cahoots we ask for dietary requirements. We have a wide range of different dietary needs amongst participants and volunteers, and we ensure that we have good food in plentiful amounts for everyone.

A: Yes! We have a wide range of participants, the majority of whom need verbal support, guidance and encouragement. If you are not comfortable with assisting with personal needs, just indicate that on your registration.

A: Induction dates appear online and you can register for them through our website. Information will be sent approximately a week before, and reminders will be emailed the day before the induction takes place.

General Volunteering

A: You will need to provide us with a recent police check (no more than 6 months old) and a valid Working with Children check card. You will also need to complete a training session to ensure you have the knowledge required to succeed in the role. If you are interested in assisting with driving, we will also need a copy of your valid drivers license and a completed Drivers’ Declaration form.

A: You can find the police clearance form here, complete this and attach to your volunteer application and we can process for you. 

A: Currently you must be 18 years or older, however we are constantly looking to provide more people great volunteering experiences and want to work with people under 18 in the future.

A: We can assist you with obtaining your working with children check after you have sent us your volunteer application. 

A: Safety of participants, customers and our team is Cahoots top priority, and we consider this in all our services, procedures and decisions. See Cahoots Safeguarding Policy here. 

Other safety measures to keep you safe:

  • PPE including gloves and masks. 
  • GPS tracking in our delivery team app, which shows Cahoots head office where you are located.
  • Training and induction provided.
  • Cahoots Connects team members are always available to take your call if you feel unsafe or believe there is an urgent matter to report.
  • You will never be alone with a customer, there are always at least two people in the team to ensure safety for our customers and our team members.  

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