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A Letter of Thanks from Cahoots CEO Jess Karlsson


To the people helping us overcome this COVID19 community crisis,  

On behalf of the Cahoots family I would like to say thank you to the people I am seeing lead the way through this community crisis, with kindness and compassion.  

As we face a time filled with ongoing challenges and change, it has been both inspiring and reassuring to see the collaborative spirit and community values of individuals and organisations, working together to support those who are at risk and their families.  

Thank you to all the Cahoots Staff, Leaders, Volunteers, Board Directors and Facilitators for showing trust, empathy, adaptability, and humour through these changing times.  Each of you has shown passion and dedication to safeguarding our participants and families, focusing on health and hygiene practices, whilst doing above and beyond to support our families (all whilst social distancing!). Your focus on our participants, and all members of our teams’ health and wellbeing has always been a priority, it is exceptional to see this amplified in the current environment. To my team, you are both courageous and humble, both innovative and calm, both empathetic and positive. Thank you. I have never been more proud to be part of this team, and work alongside each of you, as I am during this time of unmatched uncertainty and sadness in our community  

Thank you to our peaks WACOSS and NDS WA, local, state and federal government for working towards providing support and guidance for mission-driven community organisations, including Cahoots. It is through partnering with government and our peaks, we can keep providing essential services and supports for those living with a disability, and for people facing other exceptional challenges, as well as their families. 

Thank you to all the other community service organisations’, of leaders, staff, Boards and Volunteers. You are all doing complex and important life changing work alongside and with us in Cahoots. Together, we will get through COVID19, knowing we helped the people who needed it most. Please take the time to also be kind to yourself, for, it is you who are the unsung superheroes, and without you getting through this crisis would not be possible.  

Thank you to all the businesses for being flexible and accommodating in adapting changes. Whilst there is a lot of fear and uncertainty ahead this year, I believe collectively we can get through it by showing extra generosity and kindness. 

To our Cahoots parents and carers, we understand that you put great trust in our team to ensure the safety of your loved one. Thank you for continuing to trust us to create opportunities for your child to CONNECT with nature and our community, LEARN new skills and practices, and CELEBRATE with understanding and support towards one another. 

An enormous thank you to all our donors for your continuous support and generosity at this time, ensuring our families and participants can still be given opportunities in a safe and supported environment, especially during such challenging times. 

Lastly, please join me in continuing to share kindness, compassionate and empathy with others in our community, especially people at risk.  Let’s show support and care for each other each day through smiles, encouragement and gratitude. 


Yours Sincerely,  

Jess Karlsson 

Cahoots CEO  


Official Announcement

To our valued Stakeholders, Partners, and Families, We wish to advise that our CEO, Jess Karlsson, has tendered her resignation

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